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"If IDEAS are the genesis of  success.  Then MARKETING is the foundation.  Joined together carefully a business is born"
                                                 .. Larry Shipp

interActive netServices, inc. (INI) is continually working with its clients to stay one step ahead of their competitors? Want to bring your new idea to market quickly? Need to increase your revenue by creating a 'killer-product'? We can help.

INI is a leading marketing and innovation company, renowned for its keen insights and strategic thinking capabilities to solve problems and provide creative, practical solutions to business issues.

With a focus on SEO MARKETING, INTERACTIVE MARKETING and NEW MEDIA OPPORTUNTIES, your success could be our next project!

About Me

Our Services.

3 Questions we start  our projects with


What does the client need?  Is the idea sound, and can we make a difference if we are retained?


Is their consensus within the organization to support the project?  Are their clear goals, budgets and management in place to give the project every chance at success?


What would consitute a successful project?  And is this success a reasonable goal?

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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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